Welcome to our page!

This blog started as a online journal; a way to process the life and loss of our first son, Sam. Over time, it’s slowly evolving into whatever flows from my mind to my thumbs in the wee night hours, with musings and stories of varying degrees of solemnity and humor…

Honestly, since I was a kid, my passion has been for people. As a friend, RN, mother… helping others brings me joy. Whether that’s by pointing out the humor in a bad situation, an amazing new Amazon parenting find, or pointing them to the all powerful, never-ending, crazy grace and compassion of their Savior… it’s what I love 🤷‍♀️ So that’s what I do.

Oh and I use lots of emojis and pray my high school English teacher never finds this place (Sorry, Mrs. Tyndall!😬)

If you ever have any questions or topics you want to hear my midnight ramblings on, send me a message! Otherwise, we shall go where the breezes take us. So far, it’s been a lot of fun, sometimes heavy, often times hilarious, and always beautiful places ✨

Love always,